Perfect for a Drink

Pretzel with Dips
23 ₪
17 ₪
Irish Munchies
18 ₪
our favourite snack
29 ₪
served with salsa and tahini
French Fries
32 ₪
Spicy French Fries
32 ₪
Sweet Potato Fries
34 ₪
Fish & Chips
48 ₪
30 ₪
Mini Schnitzels
37 ₪
chicken nuggets served with sweet chili
Vegetable Plate
31 ₪
fresh vegetable mix


Our House Bread
19 ₪
served with balsamic sauce
33 ₪
crisp- coated cauliflower with sweet chili
33 ₪
with meat and olive filing, served with tahini.
Mexican Salad
32 ₪
tomatoes, onion, peppers, lettuce, a touch
of green spice and nacho pieces.
Tahini Falafel
33 ₪
special delicious falafel balls with tahini filling
Country Salad
29 ₪
fresh vegetable mix with vinaigrette sauce
Mini Merguez
35 ₪
mini merguez sausages with sauerkraut
and Dijon mustard

Sandwiches and Salads

All sandwiches are served with side salad, and all salads with bread

From the Irish Cuisine

Irish Pizza
56 ₪
meat pizza with freshly baked dough and beef ragout
Intoxicating Pizza
59 ₪
pizza with beef stew, hardboiled egg, fried onion and a generous spred of hot green sauce
Our House Sausages
69 ₪
prime veal sausages with our chef’s seasoning
Spicy Merguez Sausages
69 ₪
All sausages are served with sauerkraut and one side dish to be selected

Vegetarian/ Vegan

Vegetarian Hamburger
59 ₪
200gr, based on lentils and vegetables, served with side salad
Anti Pasti Quiche
52 ₪
served with Side Salad

Main Dishes

Grilled Pullet
69 ₪
barbeque and Murphy’s beer- marinated pullet
104 ₪
300gr prime entrecote slice
Lamb Kebab
62 ₪
served on a bed of fried onion with tahini
All dishes are served with one side dish to be selected

Murphy’s Famous Hamburgers

Club Hamburger
63 ₪
200gr prime beef (toppings: mushrooms/ fried onion- 5NIS)
Irish Burger
65 ₪
200gr prime beef with Irish stew on top
68 ₪
200gr prime beef, entrecote slices, fried onion and mushrooms
65 ₪
200gr prime beef, hot pepper mix and
Israeli Hamburger
65 ₪
200gr prime beef with kebab and tahini on top
All dishes are served with French fries


Warm Chocolate Cake
36 ₪
served with vanilla ice cream scoop
36 ₪
crispy dough sticks served with maple syrup and chocolate syrup
Coconut Sushi
36 ₪
dark chocolate truffle and toasted white coconut wrap with coconut cream filling
29 ₪
(in season)

Kids’ Menu

Mini Schnitzels
34 ₪
served with French fries
Chicken Sausages
34 ₪
served with French fries
served until 21:00